Executive Coach

Executive Coach

An executive coach is a person of practical executive experience who works one-on-one with new executives who lack this experience. The need to an executive coach is not a clear cut kind of science and the results are also relative and hard to measure. However, when there is a need for an executive coach usually those in the decision making position will know. Whether they do something about it or not is another story.

In many cases the executive coach is hired by contract with the individual coach. That was the case until the first half of the last decade when executive coaching firms emerged and started to take over in many fields. The coaches are hired based on their experience and preference is given to those who went through the executive coaching certification process.

Some corporations hire in house executive coaches, those are very likely to be retired executives and CEOs who are still able to help. They call that “semi retirement” and at the time of writing this article this group of executive coaches are referred to as the “baby boomers” generation in North America.

Executive Coaching Career

Executive coaching is a very rewarding career to consider. Actually it is an excellent alternative for those who lost their jobs and can not get their experience appreciated with new employers. So instead of settling for a lower level job why not consider being an executive coach?

So many people just discovered after retirement that their 401K investment was the worst joke ever, that is not even funny. Those need to get back to the work force to keep their houses and pay their bills. So instead of working for the minimum wage in a grocery store or a burger restaurant there is a way to use their expertise in a respected job.

To qualify for being an executive coach, however, there is an easy way to do it and it’s not costly. This best way is to get certified. There are executive coaching programs in many business schools, and some of them are available for distance learning online.

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