Executive Coaching Training

Executive Coaching Training

If you decided that you want to be an executive coach then there is a qualifying process before you become able to take clients or join an executive coaching firm. There are many institutions that offer executive coaching training, both online and in the school.

Most business schools offer this kind of training. So if you live close to one of the business schools then you might want to consider contacting them first. Some schools have better ranking than others and if you have the luxury of time and money you might want to join one of the top ranking business schools that offer executive coaching training.

For most people this is not an option, so the local business school would be the top priority. But even this is not an option for a lot more people, which makes an online executive coaching training a lot more convenient.

There are some factors to consider before enrolling in any executive coaching training program while you are in the process of evaluation. Here are some of them:

1. Ask for some contact information of some graduates. Search fore them and for their clients if any. In most cases they’ll tell you that this a violation to their privacy terms, but sometimes you’ll find that some of the most successful graduates have given them permission to share their success stories. If they have those then they are doing well and their program works.

2. Find out the history of the school or the program in particular. Usually a good history is a pride for the school and they’ll happily share it with the world on their website and in their brochures.

3. Get copies of the different executive coaching courses syllabus for each program you are considering and compare them.

4. Contact some of the successful executive coaches for information interviews. In the interviews ask about their personal evaluation to the different schools that you are considering, or if they are not familiar with any of your options ask about the most important criteria of a good executive coaching training program.

5. If the program discloses a list of partners where their trainees get their practical training get that list and pay some of them a visit. Also search those companies and see how successful they are.

Executive coaching training could be the best investment you’ll ever do at this point of your life if you are between jobs and you are already at the executive level. So take your time and investigate a lot before you decide on which school you’ll get your executive coaching training from.

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