Why Executive Coaching?

The economist - executive coaching certification websiteexecutive coaching certification training program onlineWhether you are a business owner or a new executive you might have heard of executive coaching and could be asking “why”? Why would someone hire an executive coach?

Regardless of the level of education you might have reached, and your valuable experience in your field and with your company, an executive coach is really a good idea and it really pays.

The executive level positions are very sensitive to the whole company or organization. One decision you make today might affect your company’s future for a considerably long time. And if this was a wrong decision you alone will take the blame for it. You might lose your job and find it challenging to get hired by any other company given the reason you lost your position in the first place.

And as a business owner you don’t want to leave any chance for any mistakes that could cost you your business. Firing the exec is not going to fix it, and only you will pay the real price.

Executive coaching ROI is simple to calculate for any establishment by comparing the revenue or your company before and after hiring the executive coach, relate that to the cost of the coaching and you’ll get your ROI. Although this is way is too simplified if we consider the prevented loss as revenue and the approach used to calculate such loss. Also you’ll find it hard to compare before and after the trainee is just starting because you’ll be comparing his/her results with the work of another exec with more experience.

Also coaching an executive is the best training he/she could ever get because they do it on the job. They do the work while being directed and supervised by the coach and this is the best way to learn how to apply those dry principles you learned in the school. As opposed to seminars and lectures, this is by far the best way to learn.

Executive coaching is now carried out by firms, not individuals. This gives you a better expectation, because if an individual coach is not able to finish the job another coach from the firm will be available to carry on or take over.

An executive coaching firm also guarantees that all individuals are certified and have the same standards. The competition is in your favor and the high standards put by one firm soon spreads to the others so that they can compete over your business.