Executive Coaching Certification

What is Executive Coaching?

The best definition I found was that of InterlinkTC that says: “Coaching at the executive level either with a single individual or with complete teams of individuals either within an organization or corporation, or as a unique individual relationship outside the organization’s boundaries.”

Executives learn theories and some application in the business schools, but on the job things are different. Even the most experienced executives might need a one-on-one help from time to time when things come up like the recent recession. This help could be on how to gain a bigger market share, how to open new markets for their companies, or how to lead the team to achieve the highest performance possible from them as a group.

Executive coaching is not only for executives in the corporate world. Non profit organizations leaders need some leadership skills that can be taught on the job by an executive coach. Religious groups leaders also need the same leadership skills of a corporate executive, especially when they are trying to reach out for new communities and convert them.

For an executive coaching process to be controlled and measurable there should be standards on which the performance of the executive coach and the trainee can be evaluated. That’s why there is a need for an organization or entity that works as a reference for both sides.

Executive Coaching Certification

And here comes the importance of executive coaching certification. The organizations that give this certifications have agreed together on some standards in the practice and they all pass them to their graduates.

Executive coaching certification helps ensure that these standards are met by all executive coaches in order to protect the industry’s reputation. It takes only one individual case that makes it to the media to ruin the reputation of the whole industry.

From the perspective of an executive coach, executive coaching certification is important to ensure a certain level of pay. Not only that. Executive coaching is now practiced by firms, not only individuals as it used to be. And with time firms are taking over because it’s easy to deal with a firm whereas an individual might not be able to finish the job for a reason or another.

The executive coaching certification helps executive coaches being hired or contracted with those firms, which also means more business to come.

Executive Coaching Certification Online

Executive coaching certification is available in most of the known business schools, but only a few offer an executive coaching certification program online through distance learning. One of the most established programs known so far is the one offered by the “Certified Executive Coach Program“. They offer programs for executives, business owners, sales people, and a variety of that fits with most of the purposes.

With the Certified Executive Coach Program certification program you not only learn how to achieve the best results with your clients and earn an executive coaching certificate, but also you learn how to market your service and manage your business in an expandable way without limiting your income to the hours you put at work.

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