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Why Do Companies Use Executive Coaching and What Does it Involve?

executive coaching certificationBy Johnny E Smith

The main goal of Executive Coaching is to help individuals develop in the right way which will result in them reaching their potential quickly.

Companies can achieve this through a number of approaches and they must choose the most appropriate method for their particular organisation. These approaches are: leadership programmes, board development and executive coaching, managed coaching service to develop effective leaders.

Executive coaching has been taking over the board rooms in recent years. It is a very popular focus in the industry at the moment and is a great way to develop senior management needs and personal skills. The main aim is to try to improve performance or change certain behavioural habits. Executive coaching specialists recognise that coaching must be goal orientated and personally tailored to the individual.

Executive coaching is structured around a set of key variables. Firstly, the aim is to complete the training quickly and make sure that candidates have the ability to meet their coaching goals in a short space of time. This service places a great deal of emphasis on reaching set goals and maintaining both long and short term goals. As mentioned earlier it is also very closely tailored to the individual employee.

Some people may be confused as to why employers use executive coaching in the first place. Even though this type of service is not cheap and can cost larger companies a significant amount of money, many people might say that the benefits outweigh the costs. Employers use this form of training for a wide variety of purposes and for good reason. For example when a new senior member of staff is appointed they will need to be armed with the necessary skills to coach their team in the most effective way. This method can also be brilliant for greatly improving the personal development of highly talented individuals so that they can reach their potential quickly.

Another situation where this may be very beneficial is when a company is making changes and giving people slightly different job roles. When organisational change takes place it is useful to have someone making sure that the influential people in the company are still focused and performing in the correct way.

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