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Becoming a True Leader

executive coaching certificationHow do you become an inspiring leader?

An important factor in your own personal development and growth is about finding your own inner leader .

Years ago when I was at college I took part in the military corps and recall getting yelled at all the time . This was one of my first experiences about leadership and as a result I believed that leadership basically were people that shouted a lot and told people what to do!

However , in realness I later discovered that that was not necessarily a fine example of inspiring leadership, in fact for many of our experience that is an example of poor leadership .

I have met some ‘leaders’ who want to get their own needs met by yelling and bullying, but they don’t usually last long and don’t realize pleased followers .

Most of us seem to have that experience of leadership as being intimidating and yelling, but would you think that excellent leadership ?

Recall back over your past for inspiring examples of good leaders . Who are some of the top leaders you can think of ? Did they have to shout to get their way ?

Two examples of recent outstanding leaders I can consider of are President Obama and Clinton. Do they ever have to take up shouting  and bullying?

No !

Because a awe inspiring leader helps to make people to want to take action themselves rather than force them to. That is what both Obama and Clinton have done so well .

Some persons seem to have been giving Obama a difficult time for a while , but few people may really discredit his ability to inspire. Having a position of leadership in the current economic situation is one of the hardest deals anyone could be served . If things are going great in the world, people like the person in charge . If things aren’t going great , people tend to dislike the leader, even though they could have not much to do with it!

However the sign of a amazing leader is a person who keeps his principles and ideals despite what other people might do to dissuade them . Being liked is not the priority for the leader, but desiring the best for the people who follow the leader is relevant.

Obama is a awe inspiring example of this – he maintains his values which he considers are for the best of the nation , even though initially the ideas might not be liked by all . In fact , most of the greatest leaders had ideas which were first disliked , however in the future became accepted as things that couldn’t be lived without.

So nurturing yourself as a leader is a crucial part of your own personal growth and it isn’t about shouting and screaming.

For me , learning NLP helped me to awaken my inner leader , as has my work as a hypnotherapist in London. People who learn NLP learn valuable leadership skills.

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Executive Coaching – 3 Tips For Dealing With a Whiner

executive coaching certificationBy Jodi Wiff and Mike Krutza

We all have different trigger points – when the hair on the back of our neck rises and we have the strong desire to flee the room. For me it is when I hear ‘whiners’ begin with a tirade of their latest problem. I can feel my inner voice wanting to reach out and stop them in their tracks. I’ve learned a few tips that you may find helpful in dealing with the whiner in your workplace.

Tip 1. Don’t feed the dog. Do not get sucked into their vacuum of whining. It is a deadly trap. People become their food…as it gives them empathy. It feeds more whining and the direction of whining does not bring energy to the table, just a camaraderie of ‘poor us’.

When I mentor people, I give them a heads up about getting pulled into a whiner’s web…it doesn’t serve anyone well.

Tip 2. Be clear that the whining is the choice of the individual…the whining can turn the individual into feeling like a victim…’poor is me’. Life is tough, and we have all taken a turn at ‘whining’. Just be sure you know what you’re doing, and get over it. A 30 second whine is OK, knowing that you’re moving on after the 30 seconds is key. It is when people continue the whine, and feel sorry for themselves that it starts feeling more like they are acting as a victim. It you don’t like something, take action and move forward, slight as it may be…move forward.

3. Whining is a choice, one that is not accepted. Be up front and truthful – whining will have a negative impact on the team. Make it clear that workplace is a no whine zone.

Jodi Wiff and Mike Krutza, authors

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