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Stress In The Workplace

executive coaching certificationAs we know, stress can cause problems with your physical and emotional health. A recent article published by Anastasia Stephens of The Independent states: “The effects of constant pressure – a form of chronic stress – are well-known.”

Robert Sapolsky, a professor at Cambridge University and a lead authority on stress management, explains: “In fight-or-flight, your body turns off all the long-term building and repair projects. Constant high levels of hydrocortisone take your body’s eye off the ball. Memory and accuracy are both impaired. Patrols for invaders aren’t sent out, you tire more easily, you can get depressed and reproduction is impared.”

Stephen’s article went on to say: “Exposed to chronic stress for years, high blood levels of glucose and fatty acids increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. A recent study at University College London found that stress raised cholesterin levels, another factor that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease”.

Take, for example, a high performance car, we recognise the importance of regular servicing to maintain its performance and safeguard our investment. We as humans need the same care and attention to ensure sustainability. Life coaching must be used as a pre-emptive measure to deal with problems before they become serious problems.

Tips on how to look for signs of stress in an employee:

– An outgoing individual becomes insular and introvert.
– Become rather ill looking and/or pallid
– Becomes overly defensive when questioned about anything
– Becomes very moody
– Catches Illnesses more often
– Job performance is decreased
– Sense of humour failure
– Working longer and unsociable hours

Of course, it is easy to assume that there could be personal problems. That doesn’t negate the help and support offered by employers. Our work and personal lives dovetail, and whatever the long-term cause or problem, our performance in the work place will eventually be affected.

A business’s aim should not only be to address key problems or under performers, but also to unleash employee’s potential. Company owners and managers need to help their most successful staff become even more successful. Sports coaching is a prime example – successful athletes all have support teams to keep them at the top of their game, and I would argue that there should be no difference in business.

Staff should be allowed sessions which provide 100% focus on them, which allow them to open up in a secure private environment that is not threatening or combative in any way. This will help them to perform better and achieve results.

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